The Student & The Idol

In the public eye, Rise is known as Risette, a rising idol in Japan. With the role as an idol, Rise, like any other idol, is placed under pressure to perform beyond expectation. Because of the amount of stress gained in her career, she decides to go on hiatus and rest back in Yasoinaba.

As she arrives in Inaba, many people start rumors as to why she's returned to her hometown, mostly in relation to her health. Rise takes up to run errands at the Marukyu Tofu store with her grandmother. While first introduced to The Investigation Team, Rise is calm and closed off, seemingly unhappy. It was later revealed in a conversation with Dojima and Adachi that Rise would attend Yasogami High School due to its convenience of location. Then the events at Marukyu Striptease and Rise would come to face herself and her fear of being patronized as a sex symbol. With realization of her weakness, Rise would soon contribute to The Investigation Team as an additional member valued at helping against Shadows as well as searching of victims of the Midnight Channel.

After her rescue Rise would start attending Yasogami High as a first year. More open than during her introduction, she finds herself comfortable with her newfound friends from The Investigation Team. It was during the Lovers Social Link that more is known about Rise and her motives towards staying in Inaba.

With Souji's help throughout the Social Link, Rise begins to understand what she truly wants for herself, especially after finding out that her former manager has found a replacement after she left. It was when a fan sent Rise a letter that she understands that people look up to her and that she shouldn't give up on her dreams so soon. With much determination by the end of the Social Link, Rise tells Souji that she wants to go back to her idol career showing all the sides of herself, knowing that's where her heart belongs.