Souji Seta

As the protagonist in Persona 4, the player can have full control on his personality towards others. Towards Rise through the Lovers Social Link players have the ability to maintain a friendship or further a relationship with her. Like all of the Social Links there's no "right" way for the development in the relationship between Souji and Rise. The route they take is controlled by the player.

During the Lovers Social Link, Rise comes to terms with her hiatus with Souji's help. At the initial start of the Social Link, Rise asks Souji to accompany her around town, fearing to wander off alone by herself due to her fame. Souji complies, taking her to various iconic places around town as well as notably accompanying her while she does some shopping.

Multiple times Rise's manager tries to convince her to come back, but instead Rise declines. Her manager eventually finds another rising idol, leaving Rise annoyed and contemplate on her actions. Eventually Rise receives a letter from one of her fans and contemplates going back into showbiz. Rise then confides in Souji due to his being friends with the real her, not the fabricated Risette and with his help, comes to terms with what she wants to do with her career.

At the end of the Lovers Social Link, Rise felt Risette wasn't a completely different person, except one of the many sides of herself. This realization made Rise strive to be herself and show all the traits of hers when she returns to show business in the coming Spring. She gives Souji her autograph at the end of the Social Link in hopes that he would always remember her, considering him a special person in her life.

It can be noted that during the events of the Social Link, the dialogue differs if Rise is chosen as a girlfriend for Souji. If taking that path, there's more romantic tension and Rise acts like a clichéd Japanese schoolgirl dealing with her first love. Also at the end of maxing the Social Link, Rise confesses her love to him. If that is the case, there is also an option for her to spend Christmas Eve with him. During this activated event, romantic tension occurs and, well... you can imagine what happens. It's during this Christmas event that Rise acts in a sweet, cheerful manner. Souji prepared cake for Rise as a Christmas present, while Rise gives him a custom made bracelet as a gift, "the only one of its kind in the world", the Silver Bangle which raises the wearer's SP by 50%.

After the Social Link is complete, the player also has an option to spend time with Rise. It is advisable not to do this unless you really want to kill time or just like to see more interaction between Rise and Souji. During this, Rise joins Souji in his room and feels embarrassed despite being in complete bliss and in love. She tells him she only wants to make him "even happier and happier..." and subtle hints lead the way to the actions that happen when the screen blanks out.

Unlike the other female leads Rise is the only one outside of Social Link events to show an obvious liking towards Souji. Throughout the game she shows that she has a crush on him, often not in a subtle manner. In the good ending while running with the others Rise is the only female to tell Souji "I love you." The interpretation of "love" as romantic or friendship is left out in the open for the audience.