Yukari Takeba of Persona 3
They're both in the Persona series. They're both of the Lovers arcana. They both can be dated by the protagonist. Oh... and they're both remarkably girly. Yukari is one of the most popular girls in her high school and Rise is popular throughout Japan. Other than that, Rise and Yukari have their fair share of differences. Yukari is more temperamental while Rise is not as hotheaded. Also Rise is support, sharing that role with Persona 3's Fuuka, while Yukari is cast as a party member.

Kirara Nakazono of Love Celeb
Both Kirara and Rise maintain the status of celebrity throughout Japan. Rise is an already established idol while Kirara is an aspiring idol. Though both share an interest in their respective male protagonist, Rise's crush is more innocent and sweet while Kirara's feelings are initially innocent then shrouded by lust and eroticism. Needless to say Kirara is quite promiscuous and the type of idol that Rise doesn't picture herself in becoming.

Rikku of Final Fantasy X / Final Fantasy X-2
Though not obviously similar, Rise and Rikku do share a playful, eccentric personality while being serious in attending their duties. Also they both wear yellow bikinis, Rikku's Thief class and Rise's yellow bikini as Shadow Rise as well as in a Persona 4 promo image.