Rise's persona function as an aid for The Investigation Team. Himiko is Rise's initial Persona, received after defeating Shadow Rise in Marukyu Striptease. Depending on the actions taken throughout the course of the game and if the player decides to finish the Lovers Social Link, Himiko will eventually transform into Kanzeon, her ultimate Persona. Kanzeon will carry over the same skills as Himiko but will also have an ability called Weakness Scan to discover the weakness of an enemy during battle.

Full AnalyzeReveals targeted enemy's skillsInnate (Himiko)
Third EyeTarget cursor automatically analyzes whether that an attack would workLv 43
Healing WaveRestore 5% HP after battle (all ally)Lv 63
Certain EscapeGuaranteed to escape random battlesLv 72
Relaxing WaveRestores 5% SP after battle (all ally)Lv 77
Treasure RadarLocates all treasure chests in the mini-mapLovers S.Link Lv 3
Enemy RadarLocates all enemies in the mini-mapLovers S.Link Lv 6
Affinity SearchReveals enemies' elemental affinities at start of the battleInnate (Kanzeon)