Marukyu Striptease

Marukyu Striptease is the dungeon formed in the Midnight Channel from Rise's feelings. Its name Marukyu is derived from the Marukyu Tofu shop that Rise's grandmother runs. Striptease comes from Rise's fear of being a sex symbol as an idol and her desire to show her real self, the "real" Rise.

The atmosphere of Marukyu Striptease is dark, sleazy and lucrative; then again the dungeon is in fact supposed to represent a strip club. Along the walls the silhouette of a woman can be seen posing like what would be commonly seen in 1940s pin-up girls. In isolated rooms often housing treasure chests and/or Shadows, a stage with a strip pole can seen.

At the top of the dungeon, a bikini clad "Rise" known as Shadow Rise shows its true form after Rise denies its existence. Shadow Rise is a colorful, retro-style boss that swings about a strip pole, using attacks and elements similar to that of shadows within the Lovers Arcana. After the battle, Shadow Rise stands its ground, providing a dilemma for The Investigation Team. Teddie, in a radical manner, decides to protect his friends and sacrifice himself to defeat the Shadow. After this occurrence Rise comes to realize that she and her shadow are one and the same. As a result of accepting her true self and her innermost feelings the Shadow transforms into Rise's Persona Himiko.