Japanese idols, oftened shortened as J-idol or simply "idol", are celebrities throughout Japan often looked up to by younger audiences and usually do not have one role in the spotlight. This means that though they may have one primary area of talent (i.e. Koda Kumi in singing), there's also a possibility of multiple areas to participate in. An example would be singer/actress/model Kuroki Meisa. Kuroki has done acting and modeling, participated in commercials, and is currently establishing her singing career.

So where does Rise fit in all of this? In the beginning of Persona 4, Rise can be seen in the soda pop commercial "Calorie Magic" dressed in a bikini. In the "Pursuing My True Self" opening, Rise is on stage with a microphone singing to the camera. Also, if taken the "romance" path within the Lovers Social Link, Rise states that it's easier to confess on television than it is in person. So it can be safe to assume that she has the triple-threat role of a singer, actress, and a model in the idol scene.